More factors about the set-up of a festival


Festivals can vary so much in nature that there is never one type of mat that suits all activities. With the fact that there are usually indoor and outdoor festivals, one has to be certain of the type of mat to choose to enable the festival to go on without a hitch. In this case some factors have to be looked into carefully before finally settling on one.

Festival location

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing the right rubber flooring to use at a festival. If the festival is to be held indoors then a suitable type of mat that is made of soft material, which will generally make the guests feel more at home should be used. If there’s an air conditioner in place then any soft rubber mat will do. If not a mat that preserves warmth should be best used. However when it comes to outdoor festivals, the weather is a major aspect that should be looked into. If the weather is generally cold, mats that insulate the heat should be used shielding the guests from freezing are best used. On the other hand it is advisable to use nonslip mat or Rubber mats for outside festivals to hold each one in person in place, so as there isn’t an accident happening due to others falling about.


Festivals are an expensive venture so you have to budget where you can. There is usually no need to waste money buying mats that are extremely hard wearing and durable if there is not going to be many people walking on it, as this can save thousands of pounds at large festivals. However if the guests are going to be standing in a indoor festival for long periods of time and there are no sits then steps to make them comfortable like using the non slip mats, Rubber mats or anti fatigue mats is vital. The mats help as they not only cushion the attendees from the hard feet surface, but they also stimulate blood flow in the leg areas shielding them from cold and one cannot feel numb in this case. However to prevent debris from coming into the arena in an indoor festival, as some may eventually want to sit on the floor a welcoming mat made of nylon and is 100% a rubber mat will help. This is for the simple reason that it will trap even small dust particles.

Number of people and segments in festival

Type of festival generally determines the number of people and the number of segments that will be placed in the festival. If you are looking to buy mats for one occasion, one that is not durable or made of hard material is ideal. This way you will not have to spend as much. On the other hand some festivals are generally divided into many segments and you should definitely consider the types of people coming into it. If there’s a children part, placing a colorful mat dyed in different colors will make the environment more suitable for them. This way it will distinguish the adults area as it will have colors that look more mature making the guest know exactly where they are to go as they come in.

So, you want to set up a festival?


Hundreds of festivals are held in different countries across the world each year. Interesting enough, none of these festivals is the same as the other. They are all unique in their own way. This is mostly influenced by the people’s cultural beliefs and practices, exposure to the world trends and people’s social status.

Different festivals consider different things depending what it is aimed at. For example, a traditional wedding and a church wedding are both weddings but their preparations and planning are totally different. For church weddings, a preacher must be present whether its officiated within the church premises or at a different location. For traditional weddings, a preacher is not needed. Family, relatives and friends are the ones who witness the process. So one needs to be to have a clear mind on what they need to achieve. On the other hand, there are several general things that are common in festivals. Below are some of them.

Size and location. You should know the number of guests you are expecting. This will help you when finding a place to accommodate the guests. The location too should be easily accessible to the guests. If they are using individual cars to the venue, are the parking slot enough and safe for their cars? It’s embarrassing to have guests stranded in a festival. Ensure they feel safe and they enjoy the festival. Roll out an entrance mat for their safety in case the floors are slippery and just to make them feel special.

Structural facilities like toilets, food stalls and water facilities. The most essential thing in a festival is ensuring the well being of guests. Festivals are associated with eating and drinking, ensure guests receive quality services at the festivals. Toilets should be spotless clean and dry to reduce will reduce the chances of tripping a falling off. Place toilet and urinal mats in these area.

Camping or sleeping areas. Sometimes festivals go for days, organize for rooms to accommodate the participants, if they are not available provide tents and camping materials for them. If these facilities are not enough, inform the participants to carry their camping materials. This is common with sport events that take place for several days.

Power and water supply in all areas. These are necessities for the success of any festival. Use of microphones, projectors and security devices like CCTV cameras need power to work. If possible, ensure there is a backup generator just in case there would be any power hitches. Sports festivals are very fun and involving. At the end of the day, one would want to refresh themselves by taking a bath.

Outstanding staff. They range from the organizers, security team, catering, cleaners and decor team among others. Behind every successful festival, there is a team of well-able and committed staff. The organizers must be on the ground to ensure everything is implemented as planned.

Staging the festival. This is not an easy task and it needs committed people who share the same goal. It involves ensuring everything required for the festival is in place.

Funding the festival. Festivals are expensive to fund. Be they private or corporate festivals. It is therefore important to come up with a realistic budget that covers the whole event. Corporate festivals use million. It is wise to look for sponsors to sponsor the event.